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Affordable Home Payment is a professional refinancing organization with the ability to provide competitive pricing to its customers. Customer Satisfaction is our priority and for that we are ready to compete in all areas of service. Being a professional mortgage refinance company, we only represent real estate agents and borrowers. We never represent banks. We have access to wholesale pricing with some of the major financial institutions in the United States. This enables us to offer you program as per your needs and requirements. We use our precious resources in order to take care of our client’s loan request. Call us now for free bank pre-approvals.

How come we are able to provide you Service at Competitive Fees?

We have access to some of the major lending institutions in the United States. We are well aware of the fact that these lenders are in constant competition with each other in order to secure a dominant position in the loan market. We can even provide daily interest rate sheets to our clients, thereby enabling them to maintain constant watch on the rate of interests in the lending industry.

We Can Help You Save Thousands of Dollars

Markets are changing frequently, therefore banks and other mortgage bankers create their loan portfolio with the help of professional mortgage brokers. It is believed that mortgage brokers are well aware of the product that would suit the need of lenders. Credit Report must be placed along with every loan application by an applicant.

We Can Help With Credit Grades!

To make things easily accessible, we have developed a strong information network for credit reports. We use confirmatory research from Trans Union, Experian and Equifax. We even work closely with their employees to help clients eradicate information that might prohibit clients to obtain finance. We are also able to generate single report and send it to more than one bank at a time.

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